My #1 Fitness Pro Tip

September 2, 2018

Here’s your Where’s Waldo pop quiz for the day… Can you spot the gym amidst the aftermath of this little kid basement rock and roll concert?


This picture is the perfect representation of my all-time favorite fitness pro tip. Years ago I used this pro tip to get myself into the best shape of my life, no bullshit. I’d share a before and after pic but I’m too shy. This was also my favorite tip to share with people in my days as a fitness coach because of its undeniable effectiveness.

What’s the pro-tip you ask? It’s this:

Something is better than nothing, baby.

Today, for me, living this pro tip took the form of one of my favorite pastimes—heading to the basement and half-assing it to some of my favorite tunes amidst whatever rubble remains from the little kid bomb that detonated the day before. Smashed guitars, broken keyboards, and random Halloween decorations, I see your bet and I raise you some burpees.

You don’t need much of anything in the way of equipment, either. I’ll bet I could pretty much wipe the floor with you with a mat and a three towels, four if you sweat like me. Throw in a kettle bell and you’d be a pile of ooze. Male or female, in good shape or not, doesn’t matter. Aside from heavy deadlifts, just about anything can be done with bodyweight. This also takes away your excuses when you’re visiting grandma and there isn’t a fitness facility or piece of equipment in a hundred mile radius. There’s no excuse for avoiding a workout when you’ve given yourself permission to half-ass it.

You might think I’m kidding, but I’m 100% serious. I give you my word. Fifteen minutes is infinitely better than zero minutes. Years ago, 15-20 minutes every day changed my life, no exaggeration.

Our lives are busy. It’s hard to fit things in. We frequently aim too high and fall short. Sometimes we fall short because we set the bar too high. We miss a day or two or three of a habit, we lose the positive momentum and now there’s inertia in the wrong direction. And then we beat ourselves up. Does this sound like a winning recipe?

I think not.

Apply this philosophy to those difficult-to-maintain habits and see what happens. Fitness. Meditation. Learning a new skill. Anything at all that you want to make a central part of your life. Then check back in and tell me what happened. Or privately gloat to yourself about what a badass you are, I won’t be offended. I’m just here to instigate and cheer you on along with these guys. So do it!