May 2, 2016


Do you ever feel like you need some motivation? Like there is something you want to accomplish but just can’t seem to find it in yourself to make it happen? Does that make you feel a little bad about yourself? Like “why can’t I seem to muster the energy or the will power or the resolve?” Or maybe you’re feeling a little lost and wondering “how do I do it?”

Well I say this is good news. Yes, good news. Because the very fact that you’re feeling that way means there’s a small flame of desire inside you. It may be so tiny you didn’t even realize there was a flame there. But it’s there, or you wouldn’t be feeling that way.

It’s like an itch. And you know what happens when you sit there trying not to do anything about an itch. It isn’t long until you have to scratch it. That itch is there for a reason. Right now, that’s all you need.

“So why isn’t anything happening?”

Seems like a reasonable question, doesn’t it? But why are we always so sure nothing is happening?

You might be feeling sure of yourself that nothing much is happening, but if you’re feeling that itch, that little bit of hunger, that tiny flame, then maybe something is happening.

Maybe that small flame inside you has actually been hard at work. It’s been in there changing you from the inside out. But it’s been doing it quietly; it didn’t even want you to know it was hard at work because you might’ve gotten in there and tried to tamper with it, or control it, or make things go faster. Maybe it’s more intelligent and powerful than you realized.

In fact, here it is and you’re still listening. You’re still focused. You still want what it is that you wanted. You’ve still got that little bit of hunger. You might think that’s a small thing, but you might be wrong.

How many times does something big start with something so small it seems insignificant? Somebody has a single idea that turns into something that changes the world. A single idea and it changes the entire world. What did it take to have that single idea? When that idea came, and it was just an idea, was it something big or something small? Something significant or something insignificant?

A redwood seed drops to the ground. It’s blown about in the wind, it’s trampled on by animals, it’s washed off by rains, and it gets stuck in some dirt. Pretty soon the conditions are right and it sprouts. When it sprouts, it’s still this tiny little thing. And it grows. And grows some more. And grows some more.

Now it’s a hundred feet tall, towering over everything around it. When that seed fell to the ground, was that something big or something small? Something significant or something insignificant?

So there you are, and you’ve got something you want. Maybe it’s something pretty big. Maybe it’s something huge. And it’s going to take commitment. And it’s going to take patience. And it’s going to take hard work. And it’s going to take resilience. And it’s going to take a few breaks going your way. And it’s going to take energy, and motivation, and resolve. Where are you going to get all those things?

If you ask yourself that, well then, there you go again underestimating the power of that flame.

Here it is, you’re still listening, you’re still focused, you still want what it is that you wanted. All this time you’ve been listening, that flame has just been burning quietly, not asking a single thing from you. It’s just there burning, hard at work changing you from the inside.

How big of a flame do you need to start a bonfire? As big as another bonfire? Or just a single match? A single spark even?

You already have everything you need inside you. You have the idea. You have the commitment, so be the commitment. You have the patience so be the patience. You have the hard work, the resilience, the energy, the motivation, and the resolve, so be the hard work, the resilience, the energy, the motivation, and the resolve. You have the flame. You are the flame. Inspire us. We’re ready when you are…